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Health Environment & Resources Toolkit

Climate change and threats to supply chains due to reliance on scarce natural resources impact on our ability to deliver healthcare; health professionals need to be aware of these issues in order to continue to provide efficient care and contribute financial and carbon reductions.

Our Toolkit

The Health Environment & Resources Toolkit (HEaRT) is based on literature reviews and research conducted by the Sustainability, Society and Health Research team at Plymouth University [1,2]. On the basis of this research a number of sustainability and health scenarios were developed and tested with a range of health professionals and students[3]. The scenarios are designed to raise awareness about the possible threats to supply of key items used in healthcare due to scarce natural resources, geopolitical issues and the impact of climate change; discussion about waste management and effective segregation (including reduce, re-use and recycle options) are included in the scenarios.

[3] Richardson J., Grose J., Doman M., Kelsey J. (2104) The use of evidence-informed sustainability scenarios in the nursing curriculum: development and evaluation of teaching methods. Nurse Education Today. 34:490-93

Effectiveness of our approach

This approach has now been used with over 500 students and is embedded into nursing and healthcare curricula at Plymouth University; evaluations have been extremely positive, demonstrating changes in attitudes and knowledge, and this process won a National Green Gown Award for Courses and Learning.

What we offer

  • The Health Environment & Resources Toolkit (HEaRT) - a web-based / iPad training pack that incorporates a number of scenarios, full training manual and detailed resources / evidence that supports the training.
  • Train the Trainers sessions – a three hour session to equip trainers, managers, and academics with the skills to run the scenario sessions. While the training tool and publications evaluating it are self-explanatory it is recommended that we provide training to contextualise the resources and demonstrate the scenario sessions.


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